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Menù Pizzeria

Why choose our pizzeria?

The dough of our pizzas is made by hand withsoft wheat flour from the MOLINI FAGIOLI from the OIRZ 100% Alto Tevere Umbro chain. The OIRZ project was created to create a ZERO residue flourproduction from soils free of external polluting sources, and the harvestedwheat ismilled pure, without contamination. The final product is lightand digestiblebecause it is prepared with live mother yeast, leavened for at least 24/48 hours.


Pinsa’ is a reinterpretation of an ancient recipe dating back to the days of Ancient Rome. Oval in shape, it is crispy on the edges and soft on the inside,
very digestible thanks to the different rising-ripening techniques and the mix of OIRZ semi-whole-grain and Umbrian spelt flours from Monteleone di Spoleto.
Always fragrant thanks to the hours of ripening and the use of mother yeast

Carciofona- € 12,00

RicCotta cheese (Valcolatte) Roasted ham in rind (Palmieri) Rustic artichokes (Pugliesi, defogliati a mano)

Costiera – € 14,00

Vesuvio yellow & red tomatoe (Marrazzo), Alacce fish (mizar), mozzarella Bufala dop (Panizza), EVO bio Oil (Sambuchi)

Delizia – € 12,00

Stracciatella (Valcolatte) Mortadella in rind (Palmieri) Pistachio reduction (Wiberg)

Contadina – € 12,00

Lard (F.lli Lisi), roket, Grana flakes aged 24 DOP (Boni) Balsamic vinegar glaze (Wiberg), EVO bio Oil (Sambuchi) Tasmanian pepper cuvee (Wiberg)

Montanara – € 12,00

Sweet Gorgonzola (Valcolatte), Speck IGP (Beretta), nuts cream (bravoChef), raw red radicchio

Busterna – € 14,00

Stracciatella (Valcolatte), sheep’s ricotta cheese (Valcolatte), truffle sauce (home-made), Fresh seasonal truffles, garden salads.

Classic Pizzas

All pizzas can be had with a gluten-free or lactose-free mozzarella base

Focaccia – € 3,00

Oil, rosmary

Marinara – € 4,00

Tomato, garlic, oregano

Margherita – € 6,00

BIO Tomato, Fiordilatte

Napoletana – € 7,00

BIO Tomato, Fiordilatte, anchovies and capers

Funghi- € 6,50

BIO Tomato, Fiordilatte, anchovies and capers

Salsiccia – € 8,00

BIO Tomato, Fiordilatte, sausage

Prosciutto crudo – € 9,00

BIO tomatoes, Fiordilatte, raw ham

Salame piccante – € 9,00

BIO tomato, Fiordilatte, spicy salami

4 Stagioni – € 9,00

Tom, mozz, mushrooms, olives, artichokes, ham

Tonno e Cipolla – € 8,00

BIO Tomato, Fiordilatte, Tuna and Onion

Capricciosa – € 9,00

Tom, mozz, cooked ham, ham, mushrooms, aubergines(*), olives, artichokes

Boscaiola- € 9,00

BIO tomato, Fiordilatte, cooked, mushrooms, cream, olives

4 Formaggi- € 8,50

Mozz, fontina, grana, pecorino cheeses ( gorgonzola on request )

Calzone – € 8,00

Mozz, mushrooms, cooked ham, tomato sauce

All our pizzas are flattened by hand and baked in a wood-fired oven

Special Walter’s Pizzas

Granaio – € 9,50

BIO tomato, Fiordilatte, spinach *, bacon, grana cheese

Fra diavolo – € 9,50

Tom, mozz, spicy salami, sausages

Roket, fresh Tomato and special Ricotta cheese- € 8,00

Mozz, stracchino, roket, fresh tomato

Trevigiana – € 9,50

BIO tomato, Fiordilatte, speck, red radicchio

Grillo – € 9,50

4 cheses, spicy salami

Primavera- € 10,00

Tom, mozz, roket, sheep’s ricotta cheese spicy salami, olives

Estate – € 9,00

focaccia, raw buffalo mozzarella, onion, cherry tomatoes, basil

Autunno – € 10,00

Fiordilatte, truffle oil, sausage, porcini mushrooms *, grana flakes

Inverno – € 9,50

Tom, mozz, mushrooms, roket, speck, grana flakes

Ortolana – € 8,00

Tom, mozz and what we find in the garden (varies often)

Centauro – € 9,50

Tom, mozz, gorgozola cheese, baked spicy salami, grana

Norcina- € 10,00

Mozz, mushrooms, truffle oil, grana flakes, roket, sausages

Lucifero – € 14,00

San Marzano tomato sauce (Casa Marrazzo), Stracciatella (Delizia) Napoli sausage (Manclossi), Nduja (Spilinga), Ciauscolo (Tiburzi), Chilli threads (Wiberg)

Mediterranea – € 14,00

Organic San Marzano tomato sauce (Casa Marrazzo), Stracciatella (Delizia), Piennorè tomatoes (Casa Marrazzo), Alacce di Lampedusa (Slow Food Presidium) chilli pepper (home production)

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