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Organic Restaurant

organic truffle-covered tortelli and organic Montepulciano Madrevite

Organic Pizzeria Restaurant in Umbertide

Our restaurant makes extensive use of organic and local ingredients, as do many of our wines.

Raw materials, seasonings, vegetables, oil, meat, sliced meats and many other elements that make up our dishes are of organic origin, only then can you enjoy our fabulous first courses, our genuine meats or the legendary pizzas with their unique flavour.

What is the difference between an organic and a traditional dish?

The flours of our pizzas

Our pizzas are made with wheat flour from the Molini Fagioli company’s 100% OIRZ supply chain (Oirz, an ethical, sustainable, traceable supply chain with certified and guaranteed quality)

What does the Oirz Chain mean?

  • Soils are selected, free from sources of pollution and processed with the lowest possible environmental impact (CO2 reduction). Fields change crops every five years to preserve fertility
  • Fields are sown through ‘artisanal sowing’, they will enjoy field and cultivation. No pesticides are used and the grain is ground pure. Mycotoxins present in quantities below half the legal limits.
  • Traceability of the product, a (digital) field notebook is prepared in which all steps from sowing to harvesting are recorded.
  • 100% Italian and 100% Umbrian wheat, KM0 ingredient

The cheeses on our pizzas

The mozzarellas for our pizzas come from Umbrian and Italian producers.

is preferred for choice:

  • Handicraft production for every dairy product.
  • High quality: the farm animals are treated with respect and therefore return milk of the highest quality.
  • KM0 and organic supply chain.

The mozzarella in your margherita or the cheeses in your 4-cheese are all dairy products made from cow’s milk produced in-house in Umbria or Italy, each product is without preservatives (sorbates, titanium oxide or others).

The other ingredients of our pizzas

We choose only the best ingredients to finish our pizzas and whenever possible we always choose products from local and organic operations.

the meat chosen for us by FRANCESCO & PATRIZIA comes entirely from controlled farms in our valleys.

The cured meats are 100% km0 and come from Umbrian companies that use traditional techniques and procedures to make exceptional products (Famiglia Lisi, La Bottega del Futuro).

Hors d’oeuvres and charcuterie platters with KM0 cold cuts

Cold meats are one of the most widely used ingredients in Umbrian culinary tradition, and we have chosen to use those of the Lisi family, La Bottega del Futuro, who have been butchers and charcutiers making all their sausages by hand for generations. The meat used comes exclusively from local farms by selecting the animals and slaughtering them in certified abattoirs, the sausages are then processed by hand and stuffed into a real casing.

Among our organic and KM0 main courses: Bison ossobuco

Anyone who thinks of the bison imagines the animal free to graze in the endless fields of the United States, hunted by the Siux. Apparently, the American bison is the same one that grazed in Umbria in prehistoric times, as numerous fossils of this animal have been found in the Trasimeno area.

These beautiful animals are therefore native to our land and have been brought right back here by Azienda Massimiliano Gatti

This company has great respect for this animal and lets it live in the pasture, in the wild, without any interference from man. They feed on pasture grass and reproduce naturally. It is Italy’s only free-range and grazing bison farm and is located in Umbria.

Slaughtering takes place on site, in the strictest compliance with all standard animal welfare rules, in a reserved area on the edge of the farm: a measure that spares the animal the stress of the journey to the slaughterhouse

Our KM0 and Organic restaurant could not pass up the chance to make dishes with bison meat. On the menu you will find osso buco, but sometimes you may find other proposals.

Why does our restaurant use organic and KM0 ingredients?

There are many reasons to prefer dishes made with organic and km0 ingredients, let’s try to list some of them:

  1. If it is organic, it contains no OGMs and has not been treated with chemicals that are then harmful to our bodies.
  2. If it comes from organic farming, the soil will stay healthy, the soil will not be polluted with pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, and what comes from the earth grows thanks to the nutrients in the soil.
  3. Nature adapts. Using chemical pesticides on crops increases the resistance of ‘pests’, slowly the chemical poison will become less and less effective and what we eat will become more and more polluted.
  4. Organic farming supports pollinators and uses healthy cultivation techniques that aim to conserve biodiversity.
  5. Buying organic products helps communities and makes them adopt healthier farming and animal husbandry styles. Pesticides do not pollute soil, air and drinking water; moreover, farmers will not be exposed to chemicals in their daily use.
  6. Organic food, and thus also the dishes that we then make, are very often richer in nutrients
  7. Ingredients that come from organic farming or ranching are tastier. The animals we take meat from have had a healthy and stress-free life cycle, which is why the meat will be tastier and more tender.
  8. As pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers are not used, they will not pollute groundwater and therefore will not end up in seas, lakes and rivers with devastating effects.